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FOX News
Oct 30, 2013 12:00am PDT
? >> the snowden leaks shoved it from the shadows and this quiet understanding out into the spotlight. >> how embarrassed is she? she is basically the empress with no clothes. the u.s. was tapping her cell phone. what is fascinating to the story is, yes, everybody knows and there are treaties we have with certain countries countries and we entered into this. we will not spy. we don't have the treaty with germany. there is no international law that says they can't do this. germany is lobbying with the united nations to have a resolution to ban the u.s. spying. what does president obama do? he voluntarily relinquished his own power. this is completely unprecedented. this is super important. economically no countries are investing in the united states. nobody wants to store their data here anymore. they want a data secure bank of switzerland. it is totally ruining the industry. so we have senator feinstein and a lot of democrats calling for accountability. that's for the nsa spying on american citizens. where is the committee looking into the nsa and those protected by the cons
FOX News
Oct 29, 2013 12:00am PDT
the latest example of edward snowden screwing over america the spanish newspaper reported that the nsa monitored the 60 million phone calls made in spain -- i didn't know they had that many phones -- last december. they refused to grant snowden asylum. >> see if that is not bullying, i don't know what bullying is, and i think there should be an organization to punish those dogs. did the president know about the spying on merkel or did he not know or did he not not know. >> remember, merkel rhymes with erkle. >> merkel. i don't know if he knew, but there is nobody more frustrated and more outraged than president obama. we should just trust he can get to the bottom. >> i think he is upset. he gets things done. if he didn't know we were listening in on the phone calls of our friendly government leader should he have? shouldn't he let the nsa do what they want to do? >> no, we know two things. he was the last to know and no one is more upset. but it is weird how he knows nothing. he is the last to know other than killing bin laden because he parachuted in and killed osama. he is always the
FOX News
Nov 5, 2013 12:00am PST
traitor. fair and balanced, people. snowden is as helpful as this tow truck. >> here we go, here we go. >> you have to be kidding me. >> metaphor rickly obama is the tow truck and the car is our -- >> snowden is a piece of filth who spent his life in prison. >> are you all wet, gutfeld. other than the junior high level mustache, edward snowden is everybody's hero. he is everybody's all-american. i am glad he did what he did and i am glad we know what he helped understand. >> how you can you say that? >> he helped us realize -- even beyond the paranoia fantasies that the libertarians have because we are so smart and good looking. >> and pathological. >> it is worse than that. thank god for edward snowden. >> that was a veiled description of you. >> thank god i was right about all of these things. >> what has been hurt by -- >> i'm trying to get to the point. >> if this this thing ended with his observations on stuff people knew, the domestic cataloging of e-mails. it is the leagues on foreign spying. it is not against our constitution -- >> nobody is saying it is. >> why is he leakin
FOX News
Nov 1, 2013 12:00am PDT
lawyer for edward snowden says the whistle-blower slash trader has found a new job in the glamorous world of on-line tech support. and -- >> there is no h anywhere in that word. >> he told a russian news agency that his client's dig starts on friday. he wouldn't name the company he was working at saying only that it is with a major russian website. it is probably their facebook made of wood. do you like that joke? >> i have an antiquated russian russian -- go ahead. >> he fled the u.s. after making america less safe by letting terrorists know how we go about our spying. meanwhile, snowden was recently filmed on a store security camera and he is at the bottom. >> i think that is a metaphor for what snowden has done to the united states of america and also that was a liquor store and it sucked. andy, you must just want to burst into tears when you see how far your hero and traitor snowden has fallen. ha, ha i say and so which i add another ha with a square above it. >> first of all it was his lawyer and not his agent. >> who needs a lawyer to get you an i.t. job? >> he is the one tell
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)